Our Story

OBEX was born out of a genuine necessity identified by its founders, who collectively brought over four decades of experience in the office furniture industry. In 2011, recognizing the challenge of increasing cubicle height without the hassle of full-scale reconstruction. After years of design and development, they successfully patented a bracket that addressed this longstanding issue.

OBEX stands at the forefront of workplace enhancement, specializing in cutting-edge solutions such as cubicle panel extenders and desk-mounted privacy panels to tackle privacy and productivity concerns head-on. These extenders effortlessly integrate with existing panels, effectively minimizing ambient noise distractions like office chatter and phone calls, thereby fostering a conducive work environment. Businesses investing in OBEX panel extenders not only enhance the functionality of their current setups but also empower employees to concentrate better, ultimately boosting overall productivity and performance.

Furthermore, OBEX’s desk-mounted privacy panels offer a wide array of customizable options, catering to diverse workspace needs while preserving the integrity of existing office furniture. Their desk and table mounted modesty panels provide additional privacy beneath work surfaces, doubling up as organizers to maintain a clutter-free workspace. With their 48-Hour Quick Ship Program, OBEX ensures rapid delivery of privacy solutions, coupled with a 5% discount, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction and efficiency. As an approved supplier to the Federal Government, OBEX facilitates streamlined procurement processes, further solidifying its position as a leader in workplace privacy and functionality.

Over the years OBEX began expand to a comprehensive product line dedicated to privacy, sound management, and visual privacy. 

Headquartered in San Diego, California, OBEX remains committed to its roots of excellence in design and functionality. With a relentless pursuit of enhancing workplace environments, OBEX continues to empower businesses nationwide with solutions that prioritize privacy, productivity, and employee well-being.


Trusted Partners

OBEX has been fortunate to work with and become the trusted parter of many companies over the years.